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Extended Client Fields


The Extended Client Fields module lets you construct any number of form fields to store additional information for your client accounts. The module comes with a number of nifty features, including:

  • Control whether the fields appear in the Edit Client -> Main tab or -> Settings tab.
  • Control the location and order they appear in the pages.
  • Choose whether the field should only appear for the administrator, or the client as well.
  • Each field can be of any of the following field types: textbox, textarea, select or multi-select dropdown, radio buttons or checkboxes.
  • You can define a default value for the fields.
  • Group related field under a section header (optional)

The screenshot above shows a typical usage of this module. There are four new fields added to the Edit Client page: gender, age, city and country grouped under the title "Additional Info".

Requirements / Restrictions

  • This module requires version 2.0.0-beta-20090402 or later of the Form Tools Core. So upgrade first!
  • There's a hidden restriction with assigning your fields to the client's Edit Account -> Settings page: the client must have at least one editable field defined on their Settings page. If they don't, your extended client fields won't show up. This is due to the way the Core template is structured.