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Installing Modules

Installing a new module is quite simple, but at this stage (Jan 2018) the process is still manual. We will be working on making this a whole lot simpler this year!

  1. First, find the module list you'd like to install
  2. Click the Download button. That opens up a modal listing all available versions of the module. Download the most recent version that is compatible with your Form Tools Core. To find out your Core version, just log into Form Tools: you will see a number like 3.0.0 on every page (in the default theme this is at the top right).
  3. Click on the appropriate download button and you will take you to which houses the source code. Download the file in any available format. The file will be named something like
  4. Unzip/untar the file on your computer. Note: this will require some sort of unzipping script - most operating systems have them built in.
  5. Important step! the unzipped folder will be named something like this: module-submission_pre_parser-1.1.4. Rename that to submission_pre_parser - i.e. remove the module- prefix and the -X.Y.Z suffix.
  6. Upload this folder to your [form tools root]/modules/ folder.
  7. Lastly, log into Form Tools and go to the Modules page. Here, click the "REFRESH MODULE LIST" button. You should now see your new module: click the INSTALL link to get it installed.