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Creating an account

Note: you can only create client accounts, not any more administrators. Form Tools allows for a single administrator account which is created during the installation phase.

Add Client Account
Add Client Account
To create a new client account, click on the Clients link on the left navigation column, then on the "Add Client" button in the page. Fill in all required fields (those marked with an asterix) and click the "Add Client" button at the bottom. Assuming all fields were entered with valid values, you will be redirected to a new page for editing this client account.

Form Tools 2.0.3 introduced a number of security features to force client passwords to meet certain criteria: length and content. When creating new accounts, those criteria are defined on the Settings ยป Accounts tab. Read that page for a description of the various fields. If you have any of the settings enabled concerning the client account passwords, you should see a message on the screen describing the required criteria. An example of this is shown on the screenshot on this page.

For older versions of Form Tools, the security settings are not there: don't worry about them!