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Preventing Clients from Editing Submissions

Often, you may find it beneficial to prevent one or more client accounts from editing the form submissions. Form Tools lets you customize precisely which field is editable for which user. This tutorial explains the steps involved.

...Let there be Views

Every time you add a form to Form Tools for storage, a default View is created that contains every field. This default View allows every field except the four system fields to be editable, namely: submission ID, submission date, last modified date and IP address.

Now lets duplicate that View, only preventing any of the fields from being editable.

  1. In the Form Tools admin UI, go to the Forms page and click the EDIT link for the appropriate form.
  2. Click on the Views tab.
  3. At the bottom of that page, select the View you want to duplicate (probably the All Submissions View) then click "Create New View".
  4. You'll now have been redirected to the "Edit View" page. Enter an appropriate name for your view (e.g. "All submissions - View Only" or something). Also on this page, you may want to change the access type to point to the client account(s) you want. But for the sake of this example, we'll leave it alone and just view it with the administrator account. Administrators can always view ALL Views, but they are limited to viewing and editing those fields specified by the View.
  5. Click on the Fields tab. At the top of the tab there's a checkbox labeled "Allow fields to be edited" - check the field and click the "Update View" button at the bottom of the page to save the View.
  6. And we're done! Click the [View Submissions] link in the top right of the page and select the new View from the Views dropdown.
  7. Edit a submission. You should now see all the fields listed, only now they're not editable.