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Text Override

Text Override

This module lets you change the text for virtually any language string that appears in Form Tools. Don't like the term "submission"? Rather user "attendee" or something other word that better describes the content? No problem.

How it works

All language strings for the Form Tools user interface are pulled from language files found in your /global/lang folder. This allows you to display the interface in any language that you want, provided a language file exists. For a full list of the available languages, see the translations section.

Language files consist of one giant PHP array, with a unique "key" for each language string. For example:

Here, the "word_about", "word_accept" and "word_access" are the keys. They uniquely identify the string and are used throughout the code and templates to display that particular string.

This module intercepts individual keys in the $LANG array and overrides them before they gets outputted to the page.

Why not just edit the language file?

Any time you upgrade, the language file contents may have been changed. So, any changes you make to them are going to be overwritten any time you upgrade. This module is compatible with upgrading.

Limitations / Restrictions

It's not a perfect solution, but it can still help in a lot of cases. Here's a few limitations:

  • It's not multi-language friendly. If you have users using different language packs it will override the strings for EVERY language.
  • It doesn't affect individual modules pack string: only strings found in the Core language file.
  • Form Tools strings are often used in multiple places. So if you override a string like "SELECT", bear in mind it is a GLOBAL change: it will override the string for everywhere in the UI that the string appears.