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Submission History

The tracking page

Submission History module: tracking page
Submission History module: tracking page

After installing the module, when you select the module from the Modules page you'll be redirected to the main Tracking page. This contains a list of your forms, and some related information and functionality. Here's what the information in each of the columns mean.

  • The tracking column indicates whether the module is currently tracking activity for the form's submissions. This means all events: when submissions are added, deleted, edited, undeleted and restored from a previous version.
  • The table size gives you an idea of how much space is being taken up for logging each form
  • The num rows column shows the number of rows in the history table. This number may get extremely large, since any single submission can have any number of edits.
  • The UNDELETE column lets you undelete submissions that had been deleted from your form and had formerly been tracked.
  • The clear logs buttons empties the logs for that form.

Lastly, the buttons at the bottom of the page let you control which of your forms you want to have their activity tracked, and also to delete all logs with one click.