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IP Security Check

Ack, I'm locked out!

IP Security Check module
IP Security Check module

This is BOUND to happen, so if you ever find yourself in this frustrating scenario, here's how to de-stickify the situation. Note: you'll need phpMyAdmin access or another way to run a query on your database.

  1. First, find out your IP address. There are plenty of websites that will tell you this. (Sorry for the "Let Me Google That For You" link - it wasn't intended snarkily, I just couldn't resist!)
  2. Next, access your database and run the following query. Replace [PREFIX] and [YOUR_IP] with your database prefix and IP address, respectively. (The database prefix is the characters used to prefix all of your database tables. It's usually ft_. If you're not sure, you can find it in your /global/config.php file).
    INSERT INTO [PREFIX]settings (setting_name, setting_value, module)
    VALUES ('temp_ip_override', '[YOUR_IP]', 'ip_security_check');
    This updates the database settings table to allow for a one-time login access to Form Tools for your IP address. After you successfully log in, the record you just added will be removed and you won't be able to log in again. So...
  3. After you logged in, go to your Modules page. There, select the IP Security Check module and add your IP to the whitelist - or remove it from the blacklist.

Problem solved. Now you can return to that episode of Seinfeld.