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Changes from 2.0.6 and earlier

If you’re installing 2.1.0 or later and haven’t used earlier versions, ignore this page. This isn't the page you're looking for - move along, move along. For the rest of you, here’s a summary of what's changed.


First of all, the tinyMCE script has been upgraded from the earlier bundled version. At the time of writing, we're now using tinyMCE version 3.4.1. By and large, this won't mean much in terms of actual functionality, but it's nice to know it's being kept up to date.

Default configuration page

In 2.0.6 and earlier, you could choose the default configuration of your tinyMCE on the Settings -> WYSIWYG page. Now, you'll find those same fields in the Module -> TinyMCE module.

If you'd grown attached to seeing it in your administrator account's navigation menu, no problem! Just go to Settings -> Menus -> Edit Admin Account and add it there. But I doubt you will! Generally the WYSIWYG field settings were something you'd configure once, then forget about.