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Files not uploading?

Finding that your files aren't uploading properly through your forms is a common problem. There are a number of things that could go wrong, from the way the server is configured to a Form Tools misconfiguration, to the particular file you're trying to upload. Here are a couple of debugging tips.

First: test in Form Tools!

If your file isn't uploading through your external form, log into Form Tools, create a new form submission (or edit an existing one) and try uploading the file there. This can help you in a couple of ways:

  1. Less potential errors. The forms within the Form Tools interface are preconfigured to handle the file uploads, so it's more likely to succeed there.
  2. Useful error messages. Form Tools will try to provide helpful error messages if the file can't be uploaded. For instance, it will tell you if your file upload folder can't be written to, if the file is too large or the file type isn't permitted. This can go a long way into identifying the source of the problem.

If your file doesn't upload in the Form Tools interface, you should see some sort of error explaining why it could not. If it does upload, that means there is a problem with your form. Check over the previous adding to your forms page to confirm that you've done all the necessary steps.

If you've read through all the instructions and still have problems, it's possible that the server isn't configured properly. You might want to take whatever your discovered to your hosting provider to ask their advice. The most common form of server error is that the temporary file upload folder isn't set up properly, or the folder doesn't have write-permissions.

External forms: multiple vs. single file upload

If you've set your field to accept either a single files or multiple file, check you've got the markup right. If you've configured it expect multiple files and your HTML markup is passing the data along as a single one (or vice-versa) it will fail silently. Check the Adding to forms page for details.