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Upgrading to 2.x

When you upgrade your Form Tools Core to 2.1.0 or later, you must upgrade the Export Manager module to the latest 2.x version. Earlier versions are not compatible with the new version of the Core. Now here's the bad news: when you upgrade this module, any custom changes that you’ve made within the Export Manager interface - custom Smarty code, custom labels, custom settings, client-mappings - will be lost.

It's unfortunate but there was no way to safely upgrade this module Smarty content, since the very interface allow you to make customizations. That was the whole point of the Export Manager - to allow such customizations - but it also makes making the necessary upgrades rather sticky.

No customizations? No worries.

After upgrading to this module, just select the module from the Modules page and go to the "Reset to Defaults" page. There, click the button to reset all the module settings and code. This will ensure compatibility with 2.1.0.


If you've made customizations to the module but still want to upgrade to Form Tools 2.1.0, you’ll need to manually add in your changes.

  1. Download and install a local copy of Form Tools 2.1.0, including the latest version of the Export Manager module.
  2. Open up the module and look at the Smarty content for the Export Groups and Export Types. Using that as a base, merge in your changes manually. The new Export Group and Type Smarty code has changed somewhat, so if you have trouble applying your changes, please post in the forums.
  3. KEEP BACKUPS. It sounds obvious, but it's often forgotten. In case of disaster, you'll have something to roll back to.