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Export Manager

Advanced Usage

The Export Manager can be used in conjunction with the Form Tools API to dynamically display content in your webpages.

The API contains two functions - ft_api_show_submissions and ft_api_show_submission - which were written to do just this: quickly display submission content in your webpages. They work by passing in various values like the form ID, View ID and export type ID (see the functions for further information).

The export type ID that you pass to the function is all-important. It determines which of the export types you want to use to generate the HTML content. By default, the "HTML / Printer-friendly" export group has three export types: "Table format", "One submission per page" and "One-by-one". Any of these can be used in the API functions to generate the HTML in the page. And, of course, you can always create your own custom export types.

For more information about the API functions, see the relevant help pages: