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Data Visualization

Main Settings

Main Settings
Main Settings

The Main Settings page contains a number of key settings for the module.

Quicklinks dialog default dimensions This setting lets you control the size of the Quicklinks dialog window. You can always resize the dialog manually, but this can be more convenient.
Visualization thumb size This controls the size of the tiled visualizations in the Quicklinks dialog. You probably don't want to make these too small, since the thumbnails will be unrecognizable!
Default cache frequency The determines the default cache frequency for all newly created visualizations. You can always override this value for any individual visualization.
Allow clients to refresh cache If this is set to "yes", the client will see a small refresh icon in the Quicklinks dialog window for each full-screen visualization. It allows them to reload the cache to ensure they're always graphing the most up to date data.

Lastly, the "Clear Visualization Cache" button at the bottom lets you empty the cache for all visualizations so the next time they are loaded the caches will all be renewed.