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Core Compatibility

What if you change one of the Core field types, listed on the earlier page? Will your changes be overwritten with future upgrades to the Core? Nope! Not after 2.1.4.

Up until Form Tools 2.1.4, upgrades to the Core sometimes included updates to the field types. The structure of the actual field type configuration is, and always will be, part of the Form Tools Core. But up until the release of this module, there was no way to get at it (other than manually editing the database content). The field types that are implemented as separate modules (Google Maps, TinyMCE) would directly manipulate the core database content to supplement the list of available field types with their own.

From Form Tools 2.1.4 onwards, we will never include changes to the Core field types, so any modifications you make to them via this module will never be overwritten. When the need arises to update the Core fields, we will release a new "Core Field Types" module. Form Tools administrators can optionally download and upgrade that module to make the updates. But bear in mind this will overwrite any changes you make here.