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Wordpress Plugin: List Forms
Wordpress Plugin: List Forms
Welcome to the Form Tools Wordpress Plugin documentation! The following pages explain all the nitty-gritty details of the script, but for starters: here's a quick overview of what this plugin does.

What this Plugin Does

  • The Form Tools Wordpress Plugin lets you view and manage your form submissions through your Wordpress installation. For Wordpress users, this can be a much more convenient way to manage your data: instead of having to log into two separate scripts you can find all your information in one place.
  • This plugin includes a simple mechanism for mapping Wordpress accounts to Form Tools accounts. Since Form Tools already provides a wide range of options for controlling the permissions of individual users (e.g. controlling which forms and which form fields they can view and edit), rather than provide duplicate functionality, the plugin lets you map one or more Wordpress accounts to a Form Tools account - to get the same permissions within Wordpress. This gives you tremendous control over who sees what and reduces the amount of configuration time.
  • [Eventually, I will be expanding the functionality to let you embed Form Tools data and stats directly into your Wordpress pages and posts].

What this Plugin Does NOT do

  • This plugin is NOT Form Tools: it just provides another way to manage your form submissions. You will still need to have Form Tools installed on your server and configured with your forms before you can use it.
  • The functionality offered by plugin is NOT exhaustive: it only provides Wordpress users with a limited subset of all the Form Tools functionality, namely: viewing forms and viewing and editing submissions. Adding and configuring forms and form Views must still be handled through the Form Tools UI. The goal was to provide an alternative UI for the most commonly used functionality, for day to day management of your form data. If you're getting a lot of use out of the plugin and would like to see additional functionality added, post in our forums.
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BrokenDavid McGuffin at Jul 26th 11, 8:36 AM
The Wordpress plugin breaks Wordpress and is unusable with WordPress 3.X.  You should probably either remove it from the extensions directory, or update it so it works.

I will say if you can get it to work, it would be extremely useful.
Broken - Plugin statusBen Keen at Jul 28th 11, 3:08 PM
Hi David,

Thanks for the post! Yes, that's the trouble with releasing modules to work with external script - you always have to keep it up to date. And this can be a pretty big task when you have limited time.

So here's the status on this plugin. I'm working on a new version that works with 3.x, but only with Form Tools 2.1.0 compatibility. The new version will be pretty much the same as the current version described in this documentation section, but it will be the *last* version of the module.

I never liked the overall approach that I took to combining the two scripts, even though I followed "best practices" advice from many Wordpress plugin developers. The thing is, most Wordpress plugins are smaller scripts, designed to solve a particular problem. Form Tools is a fully fledged script and any attempt to embed the entire functionality within the Wordpress interface is doomed. Even providing the limited functionality offered by this module (showing Forms & submissions & mapping WP to FT accounts) takes a great deal of work, and any time WP or FT is updated, this modules needs to be too.

So instead, I think I'm going to take a totally different approach: (a) strip out the Form Tools user account system to make it a standalone, optional component, (b) develop a different WP plugin that actually installs Form Tools as a complete plugin script - except the actual pages will still be located within Form Tools and not embedded within the WP interface. This gives me far, far more freedom in terms of what I can do within the FT interface and not worry about that degree of script compatibility that I currently have to worry about.

Anyway, long answer. The point is, I haven't forgotten about this plugin and I do know about the incompatibilities. I'll make it clearer about about the 3.x incompability.

Thanks, David!

- Ben
Woo Hoo!David McGuffin at Aug 14th 11, 9:19 PM
Looking forward to seeing what you can do.  No one else is offering the capabilities that your software has, especially when it comes to creating a multi-page form.

Keep up the good work!

Kind Regards,
David McGuffin
Freelance Website Developer
Pixel Wonders, LLC
Thanks!Ben Keen at Aug 16th 11, 1:17 PM
Thanks, David! :-)

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