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This page contains the list of changes that have occurred for the Form Tools Core. For the changelogs of themes and modules, see their respective sections.

Version Release Date Release Notes
2.2.6 Jun 29th, 2013 Bug fix. Edit Field -> Data Type (string/number) wasn't properly saving.
2.2.5 May 3rd, 2012 Bug fix: server-side validation code had hardcoded table prefix, which was causing an error with the Form Builder and on the Edit Submission pages for forms with required fields.
2.2.4 May 2nd, 2012 Bug fix for problem introduced in 2.2.3 where you could no longer create External forms.
2.2.3 Apr 23rd, 2012 Assorted minor updates and bug fixes.
- table prefix now limited to 10 chars for new installations.
- $g_ft_max_forms and $g_ft_max_form_fields globals added to limit the number of forms and form fields that a Form Tools installation can manage.
2.2.2 Mar 9th, 2012 Updates:
- Usernames for client and admin accounts now permit @ and period characters, so you can use email addresses as usernames.
- modules may now omit menu nav bar altogether, if needed [currently available in default theme only]
- you may now hide the upgrade link for the administrator via the $g_hide_upgrade_link global.

Bug fixes:
- #353 Hooks spanning multiple lines in submissions.php
- #351 ft_process_hook_calls() not appending changes to overridable variable content
- #350 Installation script improperly identifying premium modules
- #349 ft_delete_hook_call() not working properly
- #347 Client map filter on Company name field not working.
2.2.1 Feb 5th, 2012 - Install script updated to recognize and allow installation of premium modules.
- Minor updates.
2.2.0 Dec 31st, 2011 Updates:
- $g_db_table_charset variable added. Up to now, all database tables (Core + modules) were created with UTF8. They still are, but now pull from that variable. Changing this value will allow installations for fringe cases where UTF8 is not available by the database. All modules will be ported over to reference this var.
- “View Group” renamed to “View Field Group” on Edit Form -> Views -> Edit View -> Fields sub tab.
- minor CSS updates

Bug fixes:
#340 - If a non-editable field has * validation, shouldn't show the asterix
#339 - Non-editable fields still have validation ran on them in interface
#337 - First & Last Name not being funneled to email templates properly
#335 - Installation script should detect suhosin and show a warning (but allow installation)
#224 - Install script should detect if DB allows UTF-8
2.1.9 Dec 6th, 2011 Updates:
- Server-side validation added for Edit Submission page (client + admin). It’s not definitive (not all client-side validation rules have server-side equivalents) but it’s a start.
- General messages (like “you’ve been logged out”) now showing up on homepage again.

Bug fixes:
- #200 Add form -> need better validation of permissable database row size
- #287 When a field name is really long, the "x" gets hidden on the Edit View -> Standard Filters section
- #324 Trailing comma bug (IE<9) in sortable.js
- #319 "Upgraded!" message not appearing on login panel
- #321 ft_process_email_templates hook not showing up in Hooks Manager module
- #327 Rename jquery-ui-1.8.6.custom.min.js to jquery.js
- #328 Upgrade code not pulling menu item label strings from Core, just module lang files
- #330 "Toggle" icon sometimes links to Edit Submission page inappropriately
2.1.8 Nov 7th, 2011 Bug fix for serious problem introduced in 2.1.7:
#320 - New Form Builder code prevent Edit Form pages returning to appropriate page
2.1.7 Nov 4th, 2011 Bug fix:
- Additional fix for Submission History module. The Core still wasn't passing enough info to allow it to function properly. If you're running that module, you'll need to update to 1.1.4 or later to ensure it functions properly.
2.1.6 Nov 4th, 2011 Updates:
- assorted minor changes in preparation for Form Builder module.

Bug fixes:
#318 - Core doesn't pass sufficient info in ft_delete_form_fields via "end" hook
#316 - When there are no clients defined, "Clients" optgroup still appears in Forms search dropdown
- Fix for false positive error reported by System Check module ("view_mapping_view_id").
2.1.5 Oct 22nd, 2011 Updates:
- The Core field types (textboxes, passwords, textareas, radios, checkboxes, dropdowns, multi-select dropdowns, date, time, phone numbers, code/markup) are now installed and managed by a separate "Core Field Types" module, bundled with all new Form Tools installations. This module is a recommended update for anyone upgrading to 2.1.5 (but not strictly required). That module will handle all upgrades to the Core field types, as well as (eventually) offer functionality such as re-setting and validating the field type data.
- Installation script updated.
- Database prefix now required for new installations.
- Minor style updates to the default theme swatches.
- Data about Core installation now stored in /global/misc/config_core.php, instead of forcing the Database Integrity module (soon to be deprecated in favour of a System Check module) to be upgraded for each Core release.

Bug Fixes:
- #313: Flaw in module upgrade code prevents modules from consistently upgrading properly
- #312: Minor JS error on IE 9, general.js line 560
- #311: Copying & pasting license keys with spaces should paste them all into the 3 input fields
- #310: Store upgrade version track!
- #309: Core build pre-bundled with multiple modules didn't automatically install modules on Core installation.
- #307: Installation script should suppress SQL strict mode by default, as per Core.
- #306: Hardcoded English in Core field type setting labels
- #305: Core row joiner no longer appears properly - get's halved!
- #304: Field Type CSS not being loaded on Submission Listing page
- #297: Uninstalling module doesn't delete module folder.
2.1.4 Oct 7th, 2011 New feature:
- basic field validation added, to ensure information added through forms in the Form Tools UI contains valid data [client-side only right now]. You can find it in the Edit Field dialog - third "Validation" tab.

Bug fixes:
- Edit Field dialog code simplified, and a few minor bug fixes resolved.
- #296: Module key field needs to be 16 varchars
- #298: html_user_loop.tpl incorrectly includes debugging folder path string.
- #300: Add Custom Recipient button not working on Email template
- #301: Reply-to field not saving for clients, and causing errors when submitting forms.

- "Create option List" link now appears in Edit Field dialog when none are defined.
- manage_fields.js now minified, to speed up Edit Fields page.
2.1.3 Sep 30th, 2011 New features:
- Theme swatches (currently default theme only). This lets you get more mileage out of the default theme: it now comes with 10 swatches, letting you choose colours for the interface.
- Email templates may now be mapped to multiple Views, to specify under what criteria the email should be sent. This is found under the Edit Email Template -> main tab -> Advanced Settings -> "When Sent" field.

- better error handling for when $g_root_dir is invalid and/or when the cache folder doesn’t have write permissions
- ft_cache_view_stats() now properly caches the correct value (this could have affected the Report Builder module "total count" display)
- improved error handling for upgrading. Now, any time any errors occur when updating the database, all database changes are rolled back and the user is notified.

Bug fixes:
- #263: Incorrect results being returned by Views with filters
- #284: Next, prev links also don't link to appropriate View on Edit Views page
- #286: Username validation [install script was more lenient on the “username” field characters than the administration section after installation].
- #287: When a field name is really long, the "x" gets hidden on the Edit View -> Standard Filters section.
- #289: Update col names doesn't appear to update name references in cached filter SQL code
- #294: Warning thrown when changing DB col name for field that has "date" field type assigned.
- hook fixes on client accounts: edit_submission.php bottom hook (no longer shows admin hook content, such as submission history); quick links on client page now passes correct “client” context.
2.1.2 Sep 10th, 2011 - Assorted minor updates
- Bug fix for "Pass On" field on the Edit Form -> Fields tab not pre-populating.
2.1.1 Aug 27th, 2011 Bug fixes:
- fix for minor bug where uninstalling a module removes the links from the navigation menus, but doesn’t update the order of the remaining items in the nab menus. This caused a small temporary, problem to occur when adding new items to those menus.
- hook fix for header modules section.?- After adding new fields to a View field group, the rows are joinable/splittable by clicking on the first bar column, as expected.
- Quicklinks style fix (minor CSS problem caused multiple quicklinks not to appear as a single bar)
- fix for ft_create_blank_submission - $is_finalized param wasn’t being taken into account so all submissions were finalized by default.
- include bug fix for wrapping text on Edit View -> Fields tab, when labels are really long.
- database column names now limited to 64 characters

- Views dropdown Smarty template now lets you specify a class
- Simpler, improved View fields smarty dropdown added.
- when adding a new submission a message shows up on the page, clearly identifying the submission as having been newly created. It wasn’t always obvious.
- Edit Form -> Fields tab page load time improved.
- Now auto-focuses on “form field name” when user expands the Import Option List >> option
2.1.0 Aug 15th, 2011 2.1.0 main release.
2.1.0-beta-20110811 Aug 11th, 2011 Bug fixes:
- placeholders window now shows correct placeholders for the current form.

- custom date format list updated for Date field type.
- default English lang file now uses generated version from Open Translate.
2.1.0-beta-20110809 Aug 9th, 2011 Bug Fixes:
- workaround for API forms sometimes not loading all form fields on step 5 of the Add Form process (note, this also requires API v1.1.3).
- deleting fields now properly deletes them from database as well as interface.
- if deleted field was being used as the sort column for any of the form Views, the Views’ order is reset to the default: submission date, desc.

- source English language file updated to remove all unnecessary (~250) language strings. Other language packs will be updated soon.
2.1.0-beta-20110808 Aug 8th, 2011 Minor usability updates to Modules page.
- Now the page always lists modules that aren’t installed or those that need upgrading *first*, so you don't have to keep hunting through the pages to find them.
- The message you see after upgrading a module now includes a link to the module.
2.1.0-beta-20110807 Aug 7th, 2011 Bug fixes / Updates:

- Ajax requests now check sessions and show dialog window telling you your sessions have expired, instead of attempting to redirect inappropriately. This is made across the board for the Core, so all Ajax requests sh
- "messages.tpl" deprecated. Now the error messages for API / POST forms are shown with the appropriate styles (will require updating the error.tpl in custom themes).
- Total number of submissions in View now properly stored in session.
- minor problems with upgrade script fixed.
2.1.0-beta-20110802 Aug 2nd, 2011 Assorted minor updates:
- hooks updated to allow concatenation of multiple results
- minor style changes
- "quicklinks" hook added to client & admin pages, for future use
- minor bug fixes
2.1.0-beta-20110731 Jul 31st, 2011 Bug fixes / updates:
- minor style updates
- fix for occasional JSON error on updating fields
- other minor updates
- another minor bug fix for upgrade script
2.1.0-beta-20110730 Jul 30th, 2011 Bug fixes:
- fix for when a View doesn't include the submission ID (a warning was displayed in certain scenarios)
- fix for minor error that occurred due to last build's "shared characteristics" update. No more warnings on the Edit Form -> Fields tab if you don't have the Google Maps module installed.
- User account placeholders for email templates now REMOVED. See explanation in the following thread:
- fix for warning on Edit Submission page when the database table prefix isn't the default "ft_"
2.1.0-beta-20110729 Jul 29th, 2011 - Upgrade process improved to fix a number of nagging bugs.
- A couple of new code hooks added
- "Shared Characteristics" feature now completed. Now, when you change a field type in the Edit Field dialog from one field type to another, it salvages as many of the existing settings as it can and doesn't force you to re-select them. For example, when you change a radio field to a checkbox field, the data source, and field comments are preserved. This is the final 2.1.0 feature - all bug fixes from here on out!
2.1.0-beta-20110720 Jul 20th, 2011 Updates:
- Minor bug fixes
- Speed improvements for Export Manager & Submission Listing page
2.1.0-beta-20110716 Jul 16th, 2011 Bug fixes:
- Code / markup field types "height" setting now defaults to 200

- improved code for generating edit field markup (speed + reduced complexity)
2.1.0-beta-20110714 Jul 14th, 2011 Bug fixes:

- Fix for "Invalid JSON" error when editing new fields just added to form.
- Fix for fringe case where there's no fields assigned to a View, but several columns. Now, deleting a single column won't appear to delete them all.
- Creating new View based on existing View copies over ALL data properly now! Namely: default values for new submissions, "may delete submissions" option and Public View Omit List contents.
- placeholder icon popup now shows up properly on Chrome.
- minor stylistic fixes for Chrome & Safari
- Creating new email template now copies over recipient list properly when referencing form email fields.
- "Update" link now only shows for administrators (default theme - other themes needs to be updated too).
- Bug fix for when you disable a theme already assigned to a client account and reassigning it via the option panel that appears.
- Editing client account menu now shows Form Submission dropdown properly in the 3rd column when editing, and other minor updates to editing menus.
- Fix for email templates: sending/displaying random submission when the template is mapped to a particular View.
- Email file attachments for Swift Mailer now properly supported by the Core. Works the same as with the 2.0.x branch.


- The Submission Listing & Edit Submission pages (admin & client) now only show the Views dropdown if there are more than one View available.
- minor usability updates.
2.1.0-beta-20110713 Jul 13th, 2011 Assorted minor bug fixes.
2.1.0-beta-20110710 Jul 10th, 2011 Bug fixes:
- Misc minor JS fixes for IE / Chrome. Most notably, the second tab of the Edit Field dialog window now shows up properly.
- PHP deprecated split() replaced with explode()
- you can no longer check/uncheck disabled radios/checkboxes by clicking the cell backgrounds.
- The placeholder icon is now properly clickable in IE.
- The Core field's field types (submission ID = textbox, Submission Date = date , Last Modified = date , IP Address = textbox) now show up properly in the Edit Field dialog title bar.
- email template test now works with form fields targetted as email fields
- minor changes for compatibility with Classic Grey theme (and future themes)
2.1.0-beta-20110702 Jul 2nd, 2011 Bug fixes:
- double-quotes in form name show up properly in the input field when editing the form
- emails no longer sent when the form_tools_ignore_submission key is set (POST forms)
- no warning outputted when a View doesn’t have any fields assigned
- delete submission now appears as dialog not alert() on the Edit Submission page
- can no longer create new blank fields without filling in all appropriate values.
- textcounters and wordcounters now working properly for textareas
- phone number fields now working properly
- height now works properly for code/markup fields, and content no longer outputted on Edit Submission page at top by accident.
2.1.0-beta-20110630 Jun 30th, 2011 Bug fixes:
- In Safari, appearance of Views page was a little wonky due to invalid markup.
- Searching form on non-date field no longer prompts you to enter a date.
- minor bug fix for situations where you change a non-date field to a date field, and the script attempts to render the old non-date value as a date.
- assorted minor fixes for IE JS errors

- added in support for “shared characteristics” between the field type settings. Now when you change a field’s type from one to another on the Edit Form -> Fields tab (main page), it preserves as many of the same settings as possible. This will be expanded to work within the dialog window itself.
2.1.0-beta-20110626 Jun 26th, 2011 Bug fixes
- extended field settings for Core fields no longer reset when updating the Edit Fields page.
- Add Submission button now shows up on admin & clients page for Views with a standard filter & there are no matching results.
- Add Submission button now shows dynamic label for client and is now placed in the same location as the admin section.

- Core support for added for premium modules.
2.1.0-beta-20110623 Jun 23rd, 2011 Bug fixes
- View fields now sort properly in Export Manager when the fields are grouped.
- Code and Template hook calls for disabled modules no longer get called (this was actually a bug that’s been around since the original 2.x version, so the behaviour now changes with 2.1).
- modules are no longer accidentally disabled when you do an Update after searching the module list & it returned a subset.
2.1.0-beta-20110622 Jun 22nd, 2011 Bug fixes / Updates
- Submission Listing page and the Export Manager now loads significantly faster (5-25x), depending on your field types & their contents.
- better error handling when modules are removed but they left orphaned hooks
2.1.0-beta-20110620 Jun 20th, 2011 Bug fixes / Updates:
- now when clicking into a sub-tabbed (JS-driven) page, the placeholder dialog will open up properly.
- various email template fixes.
- test emails no longer send cc or bccs. This is consistent with both Swift Mailer & default core behaviour.
- “Include option to send this email from Edit Submission page” option in the Edit View -> Advanced settings section now works properly.
- hardcoded language strings now placed into language file
- bug fix on Add Form process,when it received incomplete form info & when there was an empty Option List
- skipping the Field Types step in the Add Form process now works properly
- more usability updates.
2.1.0-beta-20110619 Jun 19th, 2011 Bug fixes:
- Edit Form -> Edit Field page. Changing field type in the main page then editing the field no longer sets the field size to the lowest available value.
- Clients may now edit submissions with fields that aren’t grouped into Views
- minor UI updates
2.1.0-beta-20110618 Jun 18th, 2011 Bug fixes:
- bug fix on Edit Form -> Fields tab so Safari will open Edit Field dialog properly
- minor template updates to make Safari happy
- no more preg_replace() errors on step 6 of the installation script (in some environments)
- MySQL version detection reverted to old approach for now
2.1.0-beta-20110616 Jun 16th, 2011 Preliminary 2.1.0 beta!
2.1.0-alpha-20110614 Jun 14th, 2011 Bug fixes
- email template placeholders now populated properly
- navigating between forms when editing an email template properly redirects you to the next form’s Emails tab (not the now invalidated Edit Email Template page)
- fix for databases names with hyphens in them
- email templates now passed correct information
- targeting the admin as a cc, bcc now shows up properly in the Edit Email Template page
- misc other bug fixes & updates

- button labels are now lower case. Uppercase was like *so* 2010.
- new $g_enable_benchmarking option added, which (when enabled) shows the page load time in the footer.
- footer block styles improved
2.1.0-alpha-20110612 Jun 12th, 2011 Bug fixes
- next submission links now work for first item in result set.
- when editing a file field type you now see the default values in the 2nd Edit Field tab; not the internal placeholders.
- assorted code updates, especially relating to file removal.

- "Add" button now appears on Edit Submission page as well as Submission Listing page (if the View permits adding submissions).
- client forms page updated
- search by status (enabled/disabled) added to Modules page
2.1.0-alpha-20110609 Jun 9th, 2011 Bug Fixes:
- Delete form now properly shows uploaded files (through any field type marked as a “file” upload field type) and prompts you to delete them or not. This is consistent with 2.0.x behaviour.
- Forget password mechanism has been updated. It now stores the temporary password in a separate field to prevent random people resetting valid passwords.
- Internal forms now created with default sort order of submission ID descending (so it always shows the most recent submissions when first viewing the form)
- process.php updated so file upload data is sent along to file upload field types properly
- assorted code updates
2.1.0-alpha-20110607 Jun 7th, 2011 Bug fixes:
- installation script now explicitly tests for PHP sessions.
- Field types with dynamic field settings weren’t being passed the converted values. This affected file fields only right now. Now they’ll appear as links on the Submission Listing page and in the exported content.
- many, many other minor code updates!
2.1.0-alpha-20110603 Jun 3rd, 2011 Bug fixes:
- Improved error handling for serious errors on the login page, often manifesting as a “This page isn’t redirecting properly” error, which occurs when the script is unable to make the connection to the database. Now it outputs an appropriate message and checks for invalid hostnames, invalid database name and for tables not found.
- Field Type-specific settings in the Edit Field dialog no longer occasionally get lost when navigating << prev and next >>.
- other misc bug fixes.
2.1.0-alpha-20110530 May 30th, 2011 Bug fixes / Updates:
- completion of the Date field fixes. I overhauled the date field dropdown box on the Submission Listing page so that now it employs a JS dropdown instead, courtesy of Filament Group.
- there’s a new setting on the Settings -> Main tab that lets you define the default date search range / value. By default it’s just set to the string “Select date”, but you can set it to always search by today, the last 7 days, this month - and more.
2.1.0-alpha-20110528 May 28th, 2011 Bug fixes:
- The Core date fields (Submission Date & Last Modified Date) now update properly if configured to display in something other than MySQL datetime format.
- Views without any columns specified will notify you when trying to browse submissions.
- The last selected Edit View tab is now properly kept track of.
- Clients may now update submissions without warning/notices.
- The Views dropdown for clients now only shows the appropriate Views for that client.
- Add form menu item now links to correct page on new installations (“Choose Form Type”, not “Add External Form”).

- New option for Date field types: “Include Timezone Offset”. This lets you choose whether or not you want any of the date fields to be affected by the user’s timezone offset value in their settings. By default, only the Core date fields (Submission Date and Last Modified Date) will be set to “Yes” by default. This makes it consistent behaviour with earlier 2.0.x versions.
- Now, text fields that accept placeholders have a “world” icon in them. It’s never been clear which fields allow you to enter placeholders (like language strings {$LANG.word_forms} or other placeholders custom to the form / email etc). This at least tips you off that the field allows for dynamic data. It doesn’t yet provide a list of available placeholders, but at some point it will!
- login panel & forgot password markup has been improved.
- continued minor UI updates.
2.1.0-alpha-20110527 May 27th, 2011 Bug fixes:
- JS error fix on Add Form Step 2 (“Check URL” links & sortable list now works)

- error reporting turned up to 2047 to help identify errors

- code and template hook architecture revamped. Now the hooks table self-updates with all available hooks in the current installation (/global/misc/hooks_info.ini dropped). Existing registered hooks moved to a hook_calls table. The new system automatically recognizes hooks within module and will allow modules (e.g. the Hooks Manager) to target any hook, regardless of location.
2.1.0-alpha-20110526 May 26th, 2011 Bug fixes:
- Add form process now clears previous Add Form session cache between creating forms.
- Option Lists referenced by incomplete form fields don’t let you link in to edit the (incompletely set up) field.
- Radio button field types now map to Option Lists properly when added via External forms.
- Field data now properly appears on the Submission Listing page for fields that are specified as being a column, but not listed as part of the View fields.

- may now delete Option Lists that are assigned to one or more fields. The appropriate warning is presented beforehand. Orphaned fields without an Option List will just appear normally with some text saying “Not assigned to an Option List”.

Installation script updates:
- MySQL version detection code has been updated. In addition, it explicitly checks for the MySQL extension having been loaded.
- the database table storage type is no longer explicitly defined. The TYPE/ENGINE syntax was causing errors on different systems. Not specifying the engine causes the system to use the default, which is generally MyISAM. But Form Tools works properly with other engines are fine too. Wordpress uses this technique, though I believe they only formally support MyISAM.
2.1.0-alpha-20110522 May 22nd, 2011 Bug fixes:
- Edit View -> columns tab now adds rows properly without overwriting the first one.

- Usability stuff: cells with a single checkbox now allow you to click the background, not just the (tiny!) checkbox. This has now been standardized and made for (I think) all instances of that UI component pattern.
- When adding new columns to the Views, the “Sortable” column is now checked by default (which is a more likely default setting).
2.1.0-alpha-20110521 May 21st, 2011 Bug fixes:
- Edit Field dialog window on Edit Form -> Fields tab no longer greys out second tab contents when re-editing the same field and having changed the field type.
- changing field type on main page then editing & saving the content of the second field-type specific tab now saves new field type (as you’d expect expected)
- Edit Option List link in Edit Fields dialog now works properly when no Option List is selected.
- may now delete fields that were just added on the same
- unchecking "Allow fields to be edited" on Edit View -> fields tab no longer throws hideous errors; similarly when you uncheck all Searchable fields.
- Option List creation and field mapping now working better. You can create one from the Edit Fields dialog window by clicking "Create New Option List" and the new Option List is properly mapped to the field; form fields that use them are now listed properly. Likewise, clicking back from the Option List loads the appropriate Edit Field dialog in the Edit Form -> Fields page.

- Minor UI improvements on Edit Field dialog window.
- textbox and textarea field types improved for viewing field contents better.
- now when you’ve indicated you don’t want ANY fields to be searchable in your View, the search bar is completely removed (since it’s not relevant!)
- assorted continued code refactoring
2.1.0-alpha-20110519 May 19th, 2011 Lots of big updates (but mostly internal, which I won't cover).
- Now compatible with the two module field types: File Upload & TinyMCE file upload.
- Now supports upgrading from 2.0.x versions.
- This is the first of the 2.1.0 alpha versions that will use the shared Upgrade page. Changes from now on WILL be upgradable (and not force developers to re-install the alpha releases)
2.1.0-alpha-20110426 Apr 26th, 2011 Initial 2.1.0 alpha release.
2.0.6 Apr 18th, 2011 - Bug fix for installation script step4 problem.
- Bug fix for filenames having 0-9 stripped out
2.0.5 Feb 26th, 2011 Bug fix:
#228 - Every once in a while clients seem to no longer be assigned to a form
2.0.4 Sep 25th, 2010 Bug fix for upgrade issues introduced in a late 2.0.3 beta version. See:
2.0.3 Sep 25th, 2010 Final 2.0.3 release.
2.0.3-beta-20100919 Sep 19th, 2010 Updated upgrade code.
2.0.3-beta-20100915 Sep 15th, 2010 Bug fixes:

#235 Updating database field size on Edit Field tab doesn't actually update table
#237 Searchable date range dropdown not working
#248 After upgrading a module, clicking on CHECK FOR UPDATES sends the old info to
2.0.3-beta-20100914 Sep 14th, 2010 Added a couple of hooks for Blank Form module.
2.0.3-beta-20100911 Sep 11th, 2010 - Minor change for Submission History support.

Bug fix:
228 - Every once in a while clients seem to no longer be assiged to a form
2.0.3-beta-20100908 Sep 8th, 2010 - now uses MyISAM instead of InnoDB. All modules will need to be upgraded separately, as soon as a new version is available.
- assorted minor changes in preparation for Submission History module.
2.0.3-beta-20100807 Aug 7th, 2010 A few minor updates - mostly prep for Client Audit module.
2.0.3-beta-20100731 Jul 31st, 2010 New security features:

Adding assorted settings regarding the passwords (all optional)
1. minimum length
2. max failed login attempts before account disabled
3. required characters (numbers, uppercase and special chars !@#$%^&)
4. password history (last X passwords prohibited)

Bug fixes:

#236 - Install script: step 4 doesn't continue property if permissions prevent creation of config.php file
#238 - Administrator -> adding client doesn't check that username isn't already taken
2.0.2 Jul 4th, 2010 v2.0.2
bug fix: #203 - mysql_get_client_info() doesn't always return valid version string
2.0.1 Jun 22nd, 2010 2.0.1 release.

bug fix:
#233 - date difference between client and admin accounts for form submission
2.0.1-beta-20100516 May 16th, 2010 Bug fixes:
#229 - Uploaded files should strip out irregular characters in filenames
#230 - Styles on input fields have incorrect line heights
2.0.1-beta-20100428 Apr 28th, 2010 Bug fix:
#218 Edit View: selecting "private" access on Google Chrome doesn't show the multi-select dropdown section
2.0.1-beta-20100425 Apr 25th, 2010 Bug fixes:
#44 - Linking directly to deleted form through custom menu item should display error, not show incomplete page.
#157 - Add Form -> multipage form URLs sometimes get lost
#187 - Adding HTML link within "Edit Submission Page Label" causes error after saving page.
#195 - ft_finalize_submission should sent emails
#205 - "Add" button doesn't appear on the Client's submission listing page when there are no items
#216 - Styles for system fields should NOT be inline!
#223 - Add Form, step 2: Option to bypass verification of all form URLs doesn't verify the final one
2.0.1-beta-20100410 Apr 10th, 2010 2.0.1 beta, first version.

Fixes the following bugs:
#187 - Adding HTML link within "Edit Submission Page Label" causes error after saving page.
#193 - JS Validation causes problem on IE 7
#195 - ft_finalize_submission should sent emails
#205 - "Add" button doesn't appear on the Client's submission listing page when there are no items
2.0.0 Jan 30th, 2010 2.0.0 final release.
2.0.0-beta-20100118 Jan 18th, 2010 New feature:
- you can now specify multiple form fields as emails, for use in the email templates.
2.0.0-beta-20100101 Jan 1st, 2010 Four new template hooks added:
- client_submission_listings_top
- client_submission_listings_bottom
- admin_submission_listings_top
- admin_submission_listings_bottom
2.0.0-beta-20091224 Dec 24th, 2009 Minor refactors.

New change:
#186 Deleting file upload now prompts user to confirm deleting a file.

Bug fix:
- upgrade link now points to new location not
2.0.0-beta-20091216 Dec 16th, 2009 Bug fix:
#185 Broken JS on Edit Form -> Database -> Add Fields page
2.0.0-beta-20091213 Dec 13th, 2009 Bug fixes:
#155 Default field size should be 256 chars, not 20
#162 Tabindex of field type column on Edit Form -> Fields tab doesn't work.
#179 [forums] Search SQL bug
#180 [forums] Edit Submission page error
#181 "Edit Submission" label for clients should be upper case by default for new forms
2.0.0-beta-20091212 Dec 12th, 2009 Bug fix:
#178 Warning on submissions page: $page_submission_ids not defined
2.0.0-beta-20091210 Dec 10th, 2009 Bug fixes:
#172 Client password validation consistency
#173 "Searchable" column should also determine actual searchable field - not just inclusion in search field dropdown
#174 Unknown column error
#175 Sorting non-default View returns the View to the default one
#177 Creating New View from existing one doesn't add Client Map View Filters properly
2.0.0-beta-20091122 Nov 22nd, 2009 Bug fix for new installations not redirecting to /install folder properly.
2.0.0-beta-20091116 Nov 16th, 2009 Bug fix:
Issue #168 - [HIGH PRIORITY] Changing language doesn't work
2.0.0-beta-20091113 Nov 13th, 2009 New View -> client map filters feature added.
2.0.0-beta-20091101 Nov 1st, 2009 Bug fix:
#161 database column: action_location should be varchar
2.0.0-beta-20091030 Oct 30th, 2009 Bug fix:
#160 - View filters: deleting a filter row doesn't always work

- new ft_update_submission_info function added to Core.
2.0.0-beta-20091021 Oct 21st, 2009 Bug fix:
#159 - Up-Down arrow not showing up properly on the Clients -> form submissions page.
2.0.0-beta-20091012 Oct 12th, 2009 New features:
- /global/misc/hook_data.ini file added
- additional hooks added to various default theme pages

Bug fixes:
#128 - Smarty errors in email templates cause blank pages when submitting form.
#152 - Dates not being formatted according to users's timezone on submissions page
- dates columns weren't always appropriate width in default theme: fixed 120px limitation dropped.
2.0.0-beta-20091003 Oct 3rd, 2009 Bug fix:
#150 - RSV script has error when used outside of FT
2.0.0-beta-20090926 Sep 26th, 2009 Bug fix:
#146 - Database tables not being created as UTF-8
2.0.0-beta-20090823 Sep 23rd, 2009 Minor bug fix:
- #143 IE bug when updating form emails

PHP sessions now reverted as default session type due to problem when booting up for the first time.
2.0.0-beta-20090908 Sep 8th, 2009 New features:
- $g_api_session_timeout added to library.php
- API database sessions now supported
- session type now defaults to database instead of PHP

Bug fixes:
#125 Tab index of "Custom Recipient" section of email templates is inintuitive.
#134 API should allow for database sessions
2.0.0-beta-20090826 Aug 26th, 2009 Bug fixes:
#126 - Misc errors with Date picker on Edit View -> Filters tab
#132 - Notice on login page [re-ordering content of session_start]
#133 - Install: need to double escape \ chars on $g_root_dir on Windows systems
#135 - Newlines should be converted to page breaks in HTML emails
#138 - Problem with earlier version of upgrade.php in which edit_submission_page_label wasn't created
2.0.0-beta-20090815 Aug 15th, 2009 New features:
- optional "form_tools_inactive_form_redirect_url" form field for forcing redirect to custom URL for inactive forms
- "Edit Submission Page Label" setting for forms
2.0.0-beta-20090809 Aug 9th, 2009 [yesterday's version included incorrect version number]
2.0.0-beta-20090808 Aug 8th, 2009 Bug fix:
#127 blank page when submitting direct forms
2.0.0-beta-20090712 Jul 12th, 2009 Bug fixes:
#113 Clients can't view offline form
#122 Editing View, deleting it, then going to submissions page throws error
#124 Deleting a module folder before deleting it through the UI causes a warning/notice printed on the module page
2.0.0-beta-20090627 Jun 27th, 2009 Assorted bug fixes:
#80 Error when linking directly to edit_submission page after logging in
#116 Deleting multiple submissions on multiple pages has incorrect error.
#117 "Equals" and "Not Equals" create SQL clauses with "LIKE"
#118 View filters: setting rule testing for emptiness doesn't work
#119 custom "Add Submission" nav link causes problems with ft_get_search_submission_ids()
2.0.0-beta-20090614 Jun 14th, 2009 New features:
- Support added for API to handle adding reCAPTCHA to standard POST forms.
- $g_session_save_path global added

Bug fixes:
#76 Add Form, step 4: Next Step >> link greyed out after Smart Fill when it shouldn't have been
#114 Blank page when logging in if permissions aren't set on templates dir/files
#115 "Add Submission" button doesn't appear when there are no submissions

- Minor updates to installation script
- new hooks added to admin and client's Edit Submission page
2.0.0-beta-20090524 May 24th, 2009 New additions:
- 4 new template hooks added: admin_edit_submission_top, admin_edit_submission_bottom, client_edit_submission_top and client_edit_submission_bottom

Bug fixes:
#111 Menu sorting problem
2.0.0-beta-20090518 May 18th, 2009 - 8 new template hooks added.

Bug fixes:
#105 Delete calendar file fragment.
#108 "May add submissions"
2.0.0-beta-20090511 May 11th, 2009 Bug fix:
#107 Adding fields now broken on Edit View -> Fields page.
2.0.0-beta-20090510 May 10th, 2009 New feature:
- "searchable" option added to View fields, which determines which fields appear in the search fields dropdown on main submissions page.

Bug fix:
#97 view reorder doesn't seem to work
2.0.0-beta-20090509 May 9th, 2009 Bug fixes:
#99 Event Trigger, send email when submission edited error
#103 Bug with index.php auto redirect
2.0.0-beta-20090428 Apr 28th, 2009 Features:
- additional check added when deleting submissions that span multiple pages

Bug fix:
- now properly supports language packs [N.B. Language pack contents slightly out of date: will address next!]
2.0.0-beta-20090427 Apr 27th, 2009 Bug fix:
Issue #98 » Multiple URL Params in FormURL and RedirectURL
2.0.0-beta-20090414 Apr 14th, 2009 Bug fixes:
#15 Installation error
#96 Module not loading
2.0.0-beta-20090409 Apr 9th, 2009 Bug Fixes:
#81 Problem deleting email templates on IE 6
#89 Title meta tag not being set
#90 Clicking back to index shows login box
2.0.0-beta-20090407 Apr 7th, 2009 Additions:
- new template hooks added

Bug fixes:
- permitted upload file types no longer performs case sensitive checks on uploaded file extensions
#83 Adding DB field doesn't properly error check case where DB column has same name
#84 Link on bottom right of Edit Field Option Group doesn't link directly to help doc page.
2.0.0-beta-20090404 Apr 4th, 2009 Bug fix for installation.
2.0.0-beta-20090402 Apr 2nd, 2009 Added support for template hooks on client pages (other hooks to follow).
2.0.0-beta-20090327 Mar 27th, 2009 Updates:
#40 Tabindex should go vertical for all fields in the Edit View > Fields tab. This has also been added for the Add Fields page.

Bug Fixes:
- installation script now uses the term "TYPE" instead of "ENGINE" to determine table format type.
2.0.0-beta-20090321 Mar 21st, 2009 Minor bug fixes.
2.0.0-beta-20090320 Mar 20th, 2009 Assorted bug fixes:
#61 Changed Theme and everything is now blank.
#73 Broken link on edit email page
#77 Edit View: current subpage not always saved in sessions
2.0.0-beta-20090319 Mar 19th, 2009 Bug fixes:
- minor problem with file attachments
#78 Clients can access submissions they're not permitted to see.
2.0.0-beta-20090318 Mar 18th, 2009 Minor bug fix for add submission option.
2.0.0-beta-20090317 Mar 17th, 2009 New Features:
- "Add Submission" button added to submission listing page. This is hidden/displayed via a setting on the Edit View > Main tab labeled "May add submissions"
- UI improvement: Edit View > Fields tab now allows you to add multiple rows at once to the View field table, as well as selecting and unselecting all.

Bug Fixes:
#59 Swift mailer file attachment works but doesn't send text with attachments
#65 radios, checkboxes etc. that haven't been assigned to a field option group show error on edit submission page
#69 Available emails dropdown shows emails for wrong form on Edit Submission page
#70 When "Auto-generate database column names" is checked on Add Fields page, when adding new fields, DB column field is still disabled
#72 Deleting submission from client account causes redirect error.
2.0.0-beta-20090312 Mar 12th, 2009 Bug fixes:
- Views dropdown on client's edit submission page was incorrectly showing admin-only Views.
#64 Field Option Group dropdown on Edit Field page is limited to a single page
2.0.0-beta-20090309 Mar 8th, 2009 Updates:
- Added code to support file attachments with Swift Mailer module

Bug Fixes:
- #9 Installation Stops on Page 4 - DBs created (25) config file created
- #33 Installation Stops on Page 4
- #52 "None" option doesn't work for the Reply-to field
- #58 scrollbars appear on submission listing page in Safari 3
2.0.0-beta-20090308 Mar 8th, 2009 Assorted bug fixes:
#49 Caching mechanism for ordered submission IDs on Edit Submission page isn't correct.
#51 Loading form Views in different browser tabs causes problems
#56 Feature Request: Add Views dropdown on Edit Submission page.
2.0.0-beta-20090305 Mar 5th, 2009 - Bug fix for updating client account.
- #55 Notice in stabilizer.php if $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] doesn't exist.
2.0.0-beta-20090302 Mar 2nd, 2009 Bug fixes:

#53 Usability problem: "user" dropdown option doesn't appear on Email recipient tab if email fields aren't configured.
#54 "Pass On" option not correctly passing along multi-select fields, and it SHOULD pass along file info.
2.0.0-beta-20090301 Mar 1st, 2009 Bug fixes:
- wonky main logo appearing in Safari.
#45 If no API version in build, should say so on Settings -> Main tab
#46 Searching should trim strings
#47 Better error checking on installation script to ensure permissions are correct on default theme cache dir
#48 » << prev next >> links on edit submissions page not always matched to order displayed in the submission listing page
#50 Selecting "none" option in Reply-to field on Emails tabs doesn't save
2.0.0-beta-20090223 Feb 23rd, 2009 Database sessions added. Bug fixes:
#42 - Ugly die() message called in ft_create_unique_option_group() when field option lists contain single quotes.
#43 - Minor warning deleting client accounts.

Other than for additional bug fixes and (very) minor updates, code should be ready for first public release.
2.0.0-beta-20090217 Feb 17th, 2009 Bug Fixes:

- error notifications removed when submitting form with incompletely set up
email templates.
- deleting filter field now works for dynamically generated rows.
- deleting emails in client accounts now displays Ajax success / error message
- help doc link corrected in Edit View page
2.0.0-beta-20090211 Feb 11th, 2009 - API version line added to settings page, to show current installed API version.
- Add form process blurb updated for better clarity for API submissions
- bug #34: JS bug on edit form > database tab
- bug #36: Minor fixes for Smart Fill on Edit Field Option Group page
- bug #37: Field Orientation setting for field option groups doesn't appear to work
- minor error notification removed from index page
2.0.0-beta-20090131 Jan 31st, 2009 Additional "plugins" param added to ft_eval_smarty_string function to allow modules to pass in their own plugin folders to that the function.
2.0.0-beta-20090120 Jan 20th, 2009 All hooks added.
2.0.0-beta-20090117 Jan 17th, 2009 Minor bug fixes. Compatibility with example demo.
2.0.0-beta-20090114 Jan 14th, 2009 Module installation, uninstallation and upgrading procedure code updated.
2.0.0-beta-20090113 Jan 13th, 2009 Hooks added; minor CSS changes to default template + bug fixes.
2.0.0-beta-20090112 Jan 12th, 2009 - Test email and "forgot password" options now work with Swift Mailer
- "Edit" / "View" link text working with client accounts
- email patterns updated and now generate
correct HTML + text for file fields in email content
- assorted minor bug fixes relating the email functionality.
2.0.0-beta-20090111 Jan 11th, 2009 Assorted bug fixes and changes:
- continued update HTML and text email patterns
- various improvements to email templates section.
- Testing emails: "email format" now works for individual format
- #30 Add example time in timezone offset dropdown fields
2.0.0-beta-20090108 Jan 8th, 2009 - Bug fix for error notice on installation, introduced in yesterday's build.
- Updated email patterns.
2.0.0-beta-20090107 Jan 7th, 2009 Fixes:
- CSS fix for IE6 in default theme
- cleaned up redundant language strings in English language file
- bug fix for:
#10 Email template "display email" button error and nonfunctioning "test email"

- "installation complete" email added
- updated HTML email patterns, but not TEXT. Will tackle TEXT patterns in tomorrow's build.
2.0.0-beta-20090106 Jan 6th, 2009 Bug fix:
#17 Removing edit privs from views doesn't seem to work
2.0.0-beta-20090105 Jan 5th, 2009 Changes:
#8 "Verify URL" buttons should only require clicking when content changed.

Bug fixes:
#18 archive issue
#19 formstools/install/ issue
#20 Upgrade zip doesn't seem to be a zip file when downloaded
#22 API version not being passed to upgrade script
2.0.0-beta-20090104 Jan 4th, 2009 Modules upgrade code fixed. Minor fixes to Core upgrade procedure.

Bug fixes:
16 - Broken link on step 5 (6) of adding a form
17 - Removing edit privs from views doesn't seem to work
2.0.0-beta-20090101 Jan 1st, 2009 Assorted bug fixes.

#5 - Double "Add Form -> Main" in Edit Admin Menu page dropdowns.
#3 - Update Upgrade link to a button, not link.
2.0.0-beta-20081230 Dec 30th, 2008 A few minor bug fixes.
2.0.0-beta-20081223 Dec 23rd, 2008 Extra themes removed.
2.0.0-beta-20081219 Dec 19th, 2008 Initial beta release.