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Form Tools API

About the API

The goal of the API is to provide communication between Form Tools and the outside world. It contains functionality for tasks such as submitting form submissions via PHP code rather than POSTing in the information to process.php, accessing and display Form Tools data in your own webpages, managing client accounts via code rather than the Form Tools interface and other helpful functionality.

The Form Tools API is found in your [form tools folder]/global/api/ folder.

Depending on the needs and requests of users, additional functions are likely to be added to this file.


  1. Form Tools must be installed on your server
  2. It can only be called within a PHP page on the same server as your Form Tools  installation
  3. It requires the /global/api/api.php file to have been included in your page

How to use it

In order to use the API functions you must include the api.php file in your web page BEFORE the function call. You only need to include this line once. The path must be  edited for the location of your api.php file on your server. It can be a relative or absolute link.

  1. <?php
  2. require_once("/path/to/[form tools folder]/global/api/api.php");
  3. ?>


Go to the Changelog / Download page to view all available versions of the API and download the appropriate version for your version of the Form Tools Core.

Page last updated: Feb 28th, 2012 - 10:54 PM


User form with paypalDavid Man at Jul 6th 11, 11:05 PM

I am writing you this email because I think you have the solution I've been looking for.

I have a small website that will allow user to post their adverts; Once the form is filled out the user will click on the submit button to store his advert on the database (PHP mysql) as normally.

This time I would like the paypal payment option to appear when the user press submit button; Once the payment process is completed, then data provided will be send and store in the database.

Thank you in advance for guiding me to realize the project.

Reg: User form with paypalBen Keen at Jul 9th 11, 9:04 AM
Hi David,

Thanks for the comment, however the forums are actually a much, much better place for discussions of this kind. Mind posting it there and we'll open up a dialog.

All the best -

Form tools API for creating formPranav Gandhi at Jul 11th 12, 10:26 PM
I am new to Form tools and  I want to create from every time when there is any company will be created in my site. Every company has a own form and will be created in form tools. I want to use to create form through From Tools API. and I want to use created forms in respective company on company listing page. and user will select any company and fill up form and submit data will be store in form tools and send email to that company and admin also.
Is it possible? if yes than how?

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